My dream girl 

I always dreamed of having a daughter. I saw myself having a mini-me, with my hair and eyes, same personality. She would love clothes and later on, makeup.

Lily going to 4th grade

Lily’s first day of 4th grade

A Tiny Baby Grows Up

I got my daughter in a 5 lb 12 oz baby named Lillian, otherwise known as Lily. She was born 3 weeks early in February 2008. She definitely had my eyes and hair from day one.

It also turns out she has my big heart. She helped console a younger friend that was having a hard time with her parents’ divorce. She didn’t know why Georgia was sad, but she gave her a hug every morning at the bus stop because “she looked like she needed one”. Lily also helps my mom walk down our driveway because she uses a cane and we’re afraid she will fall if she walks alone. Having someone with her helps her balance. Lily loves animals. She also loves to read, write and draw. When I’m not feeling well, she always tells me she hopes I feel better the next day.

I have already learned what happens when you have a big heart. It gets broken. People take advantage of you. You also see the world differently. You want to help everyone but it’s not that easy. Sonetimes you just have to sit back and take care of yourself.

I want Lily to keep that big heart of hers. It’s a part of who she is. She loves her cousins and friends. I do, however, not want her to accept things in her life that I have because she feels she has to keep someone happy. I want her to love herself enough to stand up and say “Nope, not having ANY of this.”

How am I going to do this? I’m thinking it’s in progress.

Lily knows she is beautiful. Wild, crazy curls and all. She also knows she doesn’t need makeup but when she is old enough it will be something fun to add to her natural beauty. She’s watched me do mine since she could stand on her own.

At almost 10, she is learning to stick up for herself thanks to her two older brothers. The daily battles are a bit rough and she’s a bit dramatic sometimes but I think she is learning from them. I’m hoping as she gets older she will remember these lessons so that she will fight for herself and not accept one bit less than what she deserves.

This isn’t just with her brothers. I want her to accept only the best for herself in school, with those she falls in love with, friends and in her career.

Before school selfie

Lily is a growing girl in today’s world. It can’t be easy. I hope she grows to be strong but gentle.

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