To Puberty and Beyond 

Puberty has hit my house and I didn’t even see it coming! Let me set the scene for you:

The Talk That Didn’t Conclude

Matthew and I talked about kids many years ago. We’ve been married for 12 years this Sunday (which is why there will not be a post) and Cameron was eight months old at the time. We talked about how many kids we wanted…but forgot the part about how far apart we wanted them.


Cameron was born in January 2005, Julian in July 2006 and Lily, the surprise kid, came in February 2008. That’s 3 kids in 3 years and one month, all 18 months apart. Lots of diapers and no sleep.

Newborn pic

Newborn Cameron, January 2005

That’s Cameron’s newborn pic. He was a bit jaundiced. He’s 12 and he’s almost as tall as I am, eats like a grown man and has a forehead full of pimples. Thankfully, I know a few things about face wash and masks. I don’t even want to know why he takes forever in the shower. His bed looks like a garbage can and I have to buy him a new fitted sheet.

Kid and dog

Cameron and Tiger

Julian, however, has not been blessed with the full growth spurt but he has grown a bit. He’s 4’6″ and finally cracked 70 lbs. ADHD meds can and will mess with a kid’s growth.

My baby boy has become a bit verbally aggressive lately and just not himself. Thankfully his psych nurse practitioner understands and helped us out a bit last week. One med was increased and there was a discussion about empathy.

School pic

Bras? Isn’t this one mine?

Then there’s the bra thing.

I forgot all about the fact that I was the only girl in my fifth grade class with boobs until I noticed that Lily really needed a bra.

Wasn’t I just pregnant with her?

I guess it’s not 2007 anymore.

She’s happily wearing her bra now just like her cousin Cheyenne but forget getting her to take a shower or clean her room. The struggle with that continues and most likely will until she moves out.

Zoo pic

The joys of puberty are just beginning at my house. I don’t drink anymore, so someone pass me chocolate, a block of cheddar cheese and some crackers. I may need to hide it from these growing kids though.


For all the moms out there:

self care assessment

Take it.. you may discover you may need less kid time, more mommy time.

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