Parenting While Tired

Let’s face it. Parenting is a tough job. There’s no refunds, you’re up all night for months, maybe years if you have a kid that hates sleeping. There are no sick days, and it takes everything that you have and then some.

There are upsides to it, and that list is pretty long. I have sat and watched my kids do mundane things and thought, wow, I grew this kid inside my body for months and now they’re so big. Time flies and here I am with two preteens and a 9 year old who will never need drama classes.

Sleep? What’s that?

Parenting will mess up your sleeping patterns. Until your kid figures out days and nights, it’s pretty much over. Lily was my only kid that figured this out within weeks. She’s a great sleeper and will still tell us when she’s tired and ready for bed.

Some kids have colic and cry for hours on end. This is literally the worst and I lived through this with Cameron. (He passed gas, but still met the other criteria, the 2005 standards.) Some kids just hate to sleep. This leaves you tired.

These are the things that happen when you parent while tired:

  • Decision making is not the best. You tend to make the decsions that have the quickest solution.
  • Crankiness is at its worst, and I’m not talking about the kids. I’ll admit to being a bit more irritable and cranky when I’m tired. Who isn’t?
  • Less engagement. Sometimes we just check out from everything. Being tired constantly makes us slow down and sometimes leads to more anxiety and depression.

These are just a few things that can happen but I believe these are the most common. Sleep is so important, but it can be difficult to shut down.

Here are some tips on how to wind down and sleep better. Everyone is happier when Mom gets her sleep.

  • Set a time to stop your chores. I stop doing my chores at 8 PM. Anything after that can wait until the next day. This helps me stop stressing over what needs to be done, because this kept me awake at night.
  • Make yourself comfortable. Wear comfy pajamas, get some new sheets and a comforter if you need to. A comfy bed leads to better sleep. Check out new mattresses if the one you have is old.
  • Try yoga for sleep. There are poses you can do in your bed. I worked third shift for a while and had problems going to sleep during the day, and I tried some simple yoga in bed. It worked wonderfully, and I found the poses on Pinterest.
  • Try soothing lotions, music or other things that can help you drift off. Lavender is great for sleep.
  • Make a list of your worries before laying down so you can leave them behind. This can ease your mind to allow you to sleep better.

why you need more sleep

      When you sleep better, your mind is clearer and clear thinking is very important for parenting. All parents need sleep. Our kids need us at 100%, and that includes the most simplest of self care.

      What are your tips for better sleep?

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