Migraine matters: some really, real questions I can answer.

I don’t reblog often, but this post is great. Migraines suck and this was a great way to explain what life is like with them.

Brainless Blogger


I heard if you cut your hair you can help your migraine, is this true?

Good question. I do in fact have hair that weights about 2 tons. Which causes a lot of internal structural pressure in the brain. Perhaps internal damage. I am not sure. I generally recommend, for safety sake, no women have long hair just in case.

I heard drinking a lot of water helps with migraine, is that true?

Good question. Dehydration is bad. So drink water. Migraines cause frequent urination. So drink more water. Which causes more urination. If you need me, I’ll just be in the bathroom.

I heard if you place a banana peel on your forehead this will help with a migraine, is this true?

This is not a good question. What the actual hell. Stop looking to Facebook for remedies for migraines. But, I mean, if you have a migraine and…

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