Book Review- “Sybil” 

This book has a sequel of sorts that came out many years after the original, “Sybil Exposed” and I have read both.

“Sybil” was written during a time in which many psychological disorders were misunderstood due to lack of research, openmindedness on many sides, and other factors. Luckily, Dr. Wilbur tried to understand Sybil and her various other personalities as best as she could with what tools she had.

Sybil showed signs of multiple personality disorder (MPD), which these days is known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). I recommend researching these conditions online if you’re not familiar with them. She was abused as a child, which can lead to many different conditions. It can also not lead to any at all.

As Sybil grew, her issues got too big for her to handle alone. You can read the story to find out about what happened to her before, after and during her therapy. Even if you are not into psychologically based books, this is still a great read.

There are lots of details about the world that Sybil grew up in. I’m very detail oriented, so I really liked this aspect. Her family life is very well detailed and even goes back into their psychological history. I didn’t expect that the first time I read it. Yes, I have read this more than once.

This is December’s book review, and I haven’t picked one for January as of writing this post. Stay tuned! If you read “Sybil” please let me know what you think.

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  1. WoRdaDDict says:

    I read this book years ago for a psychology class I was in. I cried so hard for Sybil. She really went through a lot of awful things in her life and her disease didn’t help her. It’s a tough read but an amazing book.

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