Storytime with Wrae 

There are many things that happen in parenting that aren’t fun at all- stomach bugs, PTA meetings, dental appointments, the list goes on. Today I’m covering a nightmare of parenting- broken bones.

Hitting the Panic Button

Five days before his 4th birthday, Julian broke his left arm. If we’re getting technical here, he broke both bones in his forearm. One broke, one snapped. He’s a “go big or go home” kind of kid and that day, he definitely went big.

Matthew’s parents lived in a 4 bedroom house (they are now divorced) and had left his and his brother’s room the way they had left them. This included a set of bunk beds. At the time, all of my kids and my nephew Chase were playing together while I showed Cindy (my MIL) pictures from a recent trip. The battery in the camera died and I went back home to get another one.

While I was gone, Julian fell off the top bunk and broke his left arm. No bones poked through the skin, but there was a huge lump from where the bones had moved. Matthew’s cousin Alexis called me to tell me that Cindy had left with Julian.
I drove as fast as I could to meet them at the hospital. Julian was barely crying because of his high pain tolerance. He was taken in for X-rays, and I could hear him screaming as I stood in the hallway. The X-rays looked awful, and was considered a trauma injury. Julian would have to be transferred to a different hospital.


Matthew met the ambulance at the second hospital. Julian had to have a small surgery to reset the bones and was later released with a cast on his arm.
What happened to his birthday party? The water part was cancelled-Julian’s birthday is in July and we usually do a water party, but not this year. The main activity was low key play in the backyard and signing his cast.

Julian was still able to wipe himself-WHEW!
Getting pain meds for a three year old is a nightmare. I went to three pharmacies before his meds were filled. I understand why but wow. His pain subsided thanks to the wonders of medicine.

The stinky part? His cast. The inside of the cast stinks. The skin stinks. All of it stinks. I scrubbed Julian’s arm forever trying to get the dry skin off it after his cast was removed. He fell in the backyard on his arm an hour after the removal and I had a small anxiety attack.

A Few Tips

  • Ask for a waterproof cast. Julian didn’t get one with his arm cast but was able to get one when he broke his foot, and it saved a lot of stress in the bathtub.
  • Ibuprofen helps with swelling. Swelling inside a cast causes more pain, which equals an even more unhappier kid.
  • Sharpies are golden. We literally made a game out of signing Julian’s cast. They come in many colors and you can have fun with wild designs.
  • Listen to everything the doctors tell you. This one is obvious, but they have super important stuff to say.
  • Cast removal is loud, stinky but a great thing.
  • Humor. Always keep the humor. It helps.

It is less than fun to watch your child go through something painful, but hopefully the broken bone(s) heal quickly. Kids have a great ability to bounce back.

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