The Way I Imagined It

A Few Things I Forgot

When I started thinking about having kids years ago, there were a bunch of things I never factored in.

  • What if we have a kid with special needs? Most of us don’t think of this one.
  • What if we have all boys? I wanted all girls, and we see how that played out.
  • I’m going to be the fun parent. (The parenting gods laughed hysterically at this one.)
  • My kids will never touch a tablet. (More laughter from the parenting gods.)
  • Even if we have kids close in age, it’ll be super easy. (The parenting gods are choking on their food right now, because I must have been delirious when I thought this up.)

Cameron's bday party pic

Let me confess:

  • Special needs? I’ve somehow tackled this successfully with not one, but two kids. Lily is fine. Julian will always have good and bad days. I just keep his meds stabilized, his appointments with Ann (his psych nurse practitioner) made and hope for the best.
  • I don’t determine the sex, so that one was left to Matthew. I’d love Lily the same had she been a third boy. I still would have stopped after her. No more babies HERE! My boys have been an adventure so far. They’re cute and funny so I suppose I’ll keep them.
  • It turns out I am not the fun parent. Again, this has been left to Matthew. I’m the one that is with the kids most of the time so…that leaves me to make sure the kids don’t maul each other. I do try to be fun when I can.
  • My kids have tablets.
  • Three kids, eighteen months aapart.I don’t recommend this unless you don’t care about not sleeping for a couple of years and your wardrobe because someone is gonna be spitting up on it. Yuck. Julian was on soy formula and…. it demolished many of my shirts. Once all the kids are mobile and can talk, it’s pretty much survival of the fittest. It has been like that since Lily finally learned how to talk.

This is not for the weak stomached

Is parenting the way I imagined it? In a way, yes. My kids are great. They’re funny, smart and caring. We have done a lot of fun things so far with more planned. I’ve watched them grow and it’s been the hardest but best thing I have ever done with my life. But also, no. I didn’t realize it could be so HARD. Sometimes the daily things in parenting- homework, sibling fights, etc, just get old.

Every parent gets what I mean. Also, we’ve hit bumps, like with Cameron’s heart issues and Lily’s delays. It is neat, however, knowing that I grew these people inside my body for nine months then unleashed them upon the world.

My parenting mantra:

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