Book Review- “Down Came the Rain” 

The book for this month is by Brooke Shields. “Down Came the Rain” is the story of her journey through Post-Partum Depression.

I will have a post about my own journey later this month, so stay tuned. It’s not a pretty place to be at all. It can be very isolating, which makes the situation worse.

Brooke went through a lot in an effort to become pregnant, and once she did, she had a good pregnancy. Her delivery was a bit more difficult than she had anticipated, and that is where her issues began. She struggled to recover from a Cesarean section and became very depressed.

For a while, she refused help but did eventually get it. I won’t spoil the story for you, but she did have a hard road ahead. It’s hard to accept that you are less than thrilled about having a baby. It’s hard to accept that you don’t feel everything that you feel you “should”.

Even if you haven’t had an experience with PPD (I wouldn’t wish it on someone I didn’t like), this is a good read. You may be able to understand the importance of getting help or helping someone you know a bit more. I highly encourage all women to read it, even those that aren’t moms, just to get an idea of what PPD can be like. This also goes for men. Men may not always “get it”.

Brooke was honest in her experiences, which I think will be helpful for anyone who reads it. There’s an afterword at the end in which she encourages others who need help to do so. That was a good addition to the book.

Please tell me what you think of this book, and if you are or know someone having issues with PPD, please seek help. You are NOT alone and you deserve the help.

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