Song Lyric Saturday with Eminem 

Eminem is controversial. He has been since day one, and that’s exactly why I like him. I wasn’t thrilled with his rapping about killing Kim (his ex-wife) and other really bad comments he’s made over the years, but he’s stayed true to himself. That’s why I respect him so much.

When you look beyond the bad stuff, there are some really good lyrics to be found.

It took a while for me to pick a lyric I wanted to use because there were so many to choose from. This best describes the way I feel about my struggles with anxiety and depression. It even explains a bit about how I struggle with my chronic pain. I can’t always tell you what RA is, but I can tell you that my knees make me feel like the Tin Man or that my hands are so swollen that I can barely bend my fingers.

I can list a whole bunch of symptoms of anxiety and depression, but sometimes it’s hard to explain what it feels like. It can be the opposite if I’m having a bad day. This song, however, is talking about a violent relationship. That’s a whole different story.

Life can be hard to explain. That’s what I think Eminem was trying to say in this lyric.

What do you think of Eminem?

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