Song Lyric Saturday with Linkin Park 

*TRIGGER WARNING* Suicide is mentioned in this post.

Linkin Park was one of the best bands of my teen years. Chester Bennington’s suicide was heartbreaking, and it’s still very difficult for me to listen to the band.

My best friend, Ashley, and I would listen to their albums for hours as teens and young adults. It was so hard to digest Chester’s death, like millions of others.

The song “One More Light” was released not long afterwards. The remaining members of Linkin Park and Chester’s widow, Talinda, have been very vocal about suicide awareness and prevention. They’re healing from a terrible loss, but yet, they want to help others. I can identify with that.

I definitely care if someone’s light goes out. Suicide is a heartbreaking event in anyone’s life, whether you are a loss survivor or contemplating it.



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