Progress Report

Updates are good, right?
That’s what I’m discussing today.

The numbers I am giving you are as of the week of March 5, 2018.
Facebook followers- 388
Instagram followers- 690
If you are following me on either or both, thank you so very much! I am delighted at all the support and work daily to make sure you’re reading the best content that I can create. If you aren’t, you can click on these links to see my pages:
Subscribers- 124
That’s an awesome number, I’m happy with every subscriber I get. Thanks so much for reading my blog, everyone.

Learning and More Writing
Blogging has been a learning experience and a half. I’ve been able to write out some deep stuff and deal with it somewhat healthily. I’m still not the best at meditation, as I say I’m a fan of constantly, but it is becoming more of a habit. Part of the mission of my blog is to spread awareness of mental health issues, suicide prevention and awareness, and so far, I think the mission has been filled. I have gotten some wonderful comments on my posts, and I really appreciate that. I didn’t think my writing could help so many, but apparently, it does.
I hope so much that Jake would be proud of me. I have my posts scheduled out until June as of today, and you will see some April and May posts dedicated to Jake’s memory. He would have been 38 on May 15, which falls on a Tuesday. Stay tuned, because that’s gonna be an awesome post.

Meeting New People
Along the way, I’ve met some great bloggers. As I said when I posted it, I really did have a fangirl moment when Brynn responded to my email about collaborating. I screeched and all that! She is a great writer and very sweet in general. I love her writing. Guest Post with Brynn

One of my earlier guest bloggers is Sara, who is weeks from having her second baby, another girl (yay!) Her blog post is Guest Post with Sara and her IG is a lot of fun to see. Her toddler is so adorable and I can’t wait to see pics of her new baby, but I will miss her pregnancy sarcasm. It’s been funny to read.

Bonnie and I worked together early on and she recommended the book I’m reading for this month’s book review- she’s a great mom and she homeschools. I could not do this in my next three lifetimes. I don’t have the patience for all that. Guest Post with Bonnie


Goals? What are those?
A woman’s gotta have goals, right? I’ve been working on building up my social media following (see above) and so far, Twitter isn’t a thing. I have two accounts, but the one I actually use is completely uncensored. I haven’t decided yet if I want to use the other for blogging purposes.

Pinterest is a big priority. I have boards for official posts and other posts I want to share with my readers, ideas and branding. I’m still pretty new at it, but it’s not as horribly hard as I thought it would be. I still have until the end of the month to really hit my number goals, and I’m within 15 on each, so I think it’ll work out.

Another goal I’ve had was to get more posts out there in the big world- at least three. DID THAT. I got published on Sober Mommies, Vocal and Medium. I’m working through a list of others, and this goal is a continuing type of thing. These posts are available on my Featured Posts page.

I’m not quite sure I hit the goal on Facebook and Instagram Live videos. I was going for every week, and just…no. Didn’t hit that one. It’s on my list for the next three months.

The Next Three Months
I will definitely be working on getting more consistent on live videos. I love doing them- it’s just a matter of getting them done. I’m planning on more articles for outside sites, creating an email list, and more freebies.

I have a list of freebies to create, but haven’t been working on them like I’d hoped for.
Thanks for reading, there’s a lot more to come! Come by, read, share and have a bit of fun.


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