Song Lyric Saturday with Oasis

If you like British bands, today is your day. I’ve got Oasis’s “Wonderwall” to discuss.

I loved Oasis, but they were full of drama. It led to their eventual breakup.

I’m full of words but sometimes I lose all of them. I’m also quiet when I know what I have to say has the potential to mess things up. This is thanks to years of watching what I say around Matthew so he wouldn’t get mad.

This issue leaked over into my time with Jake. I cared so much and so deeply for him, but I couldn’t find the words. He died without me ever telling him that I loved him, and to this day, that is a huge regret. I was afraid that it would scare him away. I knew how he was about his feelings and commitment.

I came close, a week before he died, but the moment passed and I let it slip away. I was later told that he died knowing how I felt and that helped heal my heart.

If you have something to say to someone, SAY IT! You may lose your chance forever. 💓

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