Song Lyric Saturday with Coldplay

This week’s pick is in Jake’s memory- he loved Coldplay. I’m not really a fan, except for one song.

“Fix You” is a great song. It’s very deep and I don’t recommend listening without tissues nearby. I cried through it for months after his death.

I don’t think you can really “fix” a person, but you can help them fix themselves. Jake helped change me forever and I’m so grateful I met him. Two years was not and never will be long enough. As Matthew once said, “He fixed what I broke.”

When you are broken by another person, it is hard to open up to anyone. It is even harder to lose the person you finally open up to. Jake was so easy to talk to. We talked about books, music, our kids, everything we thought of. Not once did I feel like I needed to be someone else for him. That was a gift. He made me smile again. Most of all, he made me like myself again- it was okay to be me because I’m actually pretty great to be around, with or without clothes on.

I can’t thank him for this, but in a way, I am through the work I have done since he died. He helped me change.. I can only hope I helped him change, even if just a little.

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