How To Manage Anxiety As A Parent: 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

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1000 Ways To Be Fearless

This is a guest post by an amazing fellow blogger. Rachel lives in the Midwestern USA, where she can be found hiding in the garden, petting her cat and generally keeping household chaos at bay. She blogs at The Buttercup Lamb, where you can find her sharing thrifty tips, motherhood stories and her love of natural living. Check her out!

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If you want to know what it’s like to have kids without anxiety…I couldn’t tell you.

I had my first-ever panic attack when my son was barely 2 days old. I don’t tell many people that, but it’s the truth. Motherhood was the catalyst to activate my anxiety.

It was not the cause, but definitely a contributing factor. It was like motherhood hormones was the electricity that jump-started this Frankenstein-like monster of anxiety.

Without my say-so. Without my permission.

I struggled again 2 years later when I got pregnant with…

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