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A Bit of Humor

I thought I’d bring some humor to the blog, since my latest posts have been a bit heavy.

This is usually how I start my day. Most people open their playlist for a boost or listen to the radio… I’m looking for the newest episode of a true crime or murder related podcast. My kids are always teasing me about this. I promise I do listen to music. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Song Lyric Saturday.

Kids are loud and get into things.

A lot.

I don’t recommend duct taping your kids to anything, it is a joke.

I’m not the only woman who’s bought something after having this convo with herself. Lots of clothing, makeup and books have been bought this way- maybe or maybe not in the same shopping trip.

Life is like that sometimes.

Eyeshadow and a new shirt just calls my name and maybe…my wallet needs to shut up.

My cats have different feelings about belly rubs. Miss Purr prefers we spend hours rubbing her belly. Tails? Nope. He rarely allows us to give them and he resembles the cat in the picture when he is done with it.

“Time to attack. I am done with this”

*attacks human*

I’ve become somewhat more introverted over the last few years. I don’t like getting out as much as I used to unless it’s with people I already know.

My top reasons for wanting to go home? I want to read and sit with my cats. I might be slightly tired.

Have a few laughs and an awesome day. 🙂

7 thoughts on “A Bit of Humor

  1. Shelbee On The Edge says:

    Wrae, thanks for the laughs in this post! I definitely want to go back and read your heavier stuff, for sure, but right at this moment, my mind can’t handle heavy! I am so glad that you found my blog though which led me to yours which is right up my alley! Parenting struggles and mental health…two of the topics I am most passionate about discussing in my space, too! You are fabulous and you have a new fan in me, for sure!


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