Book Review: “Gone Girl”

This month’s pick is for Jake- both of us loved Gillian Flynn and “Gone Girl” was our favorite book. He never saw the movie, but I did and loved it. I saw it with my friend Stephanie, and by the end, we were screaming and grabbing each other’s arms. I highly recommend it.

I’ve often wondered where Gillian Flynn came up with the idea for this novel. A wife that sets her own husband up and sets off a huge search for her while she’s running all over the place? Clearly, she put a lot of thought into it. At 555 pages, it’s a long but amazing read. You will be so glad you read it. The first time I read it, it took three weeks because my life was kind of busy, but the second time it was half that time.

Right before their wedding anniversary, Amy discovers that Nick has been cheating on her. This sucks, but then she gets angry and sets up a scavenger hunt as a sort of revenge to let him know that she knows. Meanwhile, she’s hatching a plan to disappear and make sure Nick is going down in the process.

I understand an angry wife, but Amy is taking it a bit far. It turns out that Amy was always a bit dramatic, but then, it looks like her parents set her up for it. She was an only kid (no offense) whose parents made her look perfect to the whole world by being the main character in a set of kid books about a little girl who does everything right. As a grown woman, Amy changes herself to be whoever her current boyfriend, then husband, wants her to be, but doesn’t appear happy doing it.

Amy leaves a well-created scene behind as she disguises herself and runs off to a small cabin in the middle of nowhere. Before doing so, she makes herself look like she’s been in a fight with Nick to garner sympathy from others. Karma catches up with her not too far into the plan- she’s robbed. Broke and with nowhere else to go, she calls her ex-boyfriend from high school.

Meanwhile, Nick gets a very expensive lawyer to prove his innocence. His twin sister, Margo, even puts up her house to pay for it. He’s still being looked at as the main suspect in Amy’s disappearance.

Things get a little weird when Desi rescues Amy from her troubles. Does Amy escape and make it home to Nick? Does Nick go to jail? You have to read and/or watch the movie to find out.

Gillian Flynn is one of my favorite authors, and she has two other novels (they are much shorter)- “Sharp Objects” and “Dark Places”. She’s currently working on another, and I’ll be reading as soon as it comes out.

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