Song Lyric Saturday with Blondie

I’m going back to the 80s this week with Blondie. I loved the 80s. I wore jelly sandals and other weird clothes. My kids think I’m a dinosaur.

I was born in late 1982, and I’ve often said I was born too late to really appreciate some of the best music of the decade- including this band. I loved Debbie Harry’s voice, hair, and clothes as a kid. I didn’t get the meaning behind the music because I was too young, of course, but who cared?

Debbie Harry- Blondie

“Once I had a love and it was a gas

Soon turned out had a heart of glass”

She wasn’t playing, not one bit. Basically, Debbie was saying she was not happy with being played with. She didn’t want to be pushed aside. She didn’t trust whoever she was singing about. This seems to be a common theme in music throughout the decades- what do you think?

Fake people aren’t cool, by the way, and I think that was part of her point. This could be a good message for today. #lovelessonfortheweek

Blondie was a great band if you’re in the mood for 80s music. I also recommend “Rapture”, mainly for Debbie’s rapping at the end. It’s fantastic.

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