Hurt People, Stop Hurting People

A few thoughts for today.

Mommy 2 the Princess

I know we have all heard the saying that hurt people, hurt people. You hear this from so many people. You see it on social media, people are blogging about it. People are even writing books about it. It is almost as if we are giving people a pass to hurt others just because they are hurting and I am here to tell you today that we need to stop it. If people are hurting, they need to seek professional care.

If a person is hurting from past trauma or past experiences then hurting another person will not fix the problem. They are now adding to the problem and have pulled another innocent person over on the side of hurting.

When a person feels like they have been hurt, it makes them feel vulnerable and in turn, they become hostile and defensive. Instead of encouraging this cycle of hurt, we…

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