How Can Therapy be Beneficial for You?

Let’s Talk About Therapy

I’m a “therapy graduate”- I picked this term up from my friend and fellow graduate Melanie. I finished in May 2018 after two very rough years. My former therapist gave me the tools I needed to rebuild my life, coping skills, cheered me on and gave me hope for the future.

When I got into therapy, I was completely broken- Jake died a month earlier, my drinking was out of hand, I’d snapped at someone, lost a friend, and I was terribly depressed.

*Melissa helped me process my grief, decide to stay in a marriage that I was a week from ending just a month earlier, learn to trust myself and others again, among other things. Oh, and she had great candy. That helps.

Therapists are rock stars and I highly recommend them.

How Do I Know if I Need Therapy?

Life is not easy. Sometimes we have to grieve a loss and can’t do it alone, even with lots of support. Sometimes we don’t know how to appropriately deal with anxiety, depression, or both. There are many reasons people may need to go to therapy. If you’re unsure, however, here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself:

  1. Are my issues interfering with my daily life? For example, if you’re having a hard time getting out of bed because you are depressed, is this leading to consequences at work, school or other areas in life? Or if you’re worried about your child, is this causing your child to miss a lot of school or activities?
  2. Do you feel ” stuck” in your feelings? It can be difficult to get out of a cycle of feelings that you have been in for some time. You may benefit from some assistance to get out of that cycle plus some help with learning new thought patterns.
  3. Have I changed as a result of my thoughts, feelings or actions? Sometimes when we are depressed, grieving or otherwise not ourselves, we lash out at others or completely shut down. Neither is healthy. Therapy can help with learning new ways to deal with and appropriately vocalize emotions.

How Can Therapy Help Me?

Therapy can be immensely helpful. This can happen, however, if you are willing to do the work. Don’t go into therapy if you are not willing or ready to do the work. It’s not just walking in, talking, then walking out and coming back in a week or two.

Most therapists give you something to think about between sessions. Mine asked me to start new hobbies to have better coping skills- I love coloring. I’ve also learned to love meditating and yoga. Both help with anxiety. I was also asked to do various things with my husband to work on our marriage, which he was on board with. Therapy is a lot more work than most think but it is worth it.

While in therapy, we face things that aren’t so pretty. There are tears involved. It’s painful- this is not fun, but this is part of the process. Your therapist will guide you through the issues that brought you there and into a life that is a bit easier.

Life does become a bit more manageable. It’s good to have someone who is on the outside to help sort things out. The skills you learn are those you can take with you forever.

Finding Help

There are a number of sites you can go on to find a therapist- I found mine on Psychology Today

There is nothing wrong with needing therapy. This can be a great step in your life.

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  1. Jessica Lyles, LMSW says:

    It is so nice as a clinician to see a positive post about therapy. There are many individuals who did not feel they gained anything from therapy and so they bash all therapist. It can be discouraging. This is a quick snapshot way for people to see if they can benefit from therapy services and for that I thank you!

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