The Family Car: What’s In There?

My family has gone through a lot of cars over the years. I had a VW Beetle when Cameron was born. I didn’t have the money to get another car, and OMG I cannot explain the difficulties of getting his car seat out of the back of that car.

I was greatly relieved when I got rid of it for the Ford Fusion I got not long before Julian was born because you know, a mom needs space. (I am not endorsing either car company, but that Fusion was probably the best car I have ever had and I miss it dearly.)

A Growing Family Needs More Space.. and Accessories

I didn’t keep that car for long, though. Lily showed up in 2008 and the backseat could not hold another infant car seat. Enter the 2004 Ford Freestar, which has since been very long gone. This car carried us through snowstorms, rain, trips, and apparently, the discovery of Julian’s car sickness.

There’s always that one kid. Julian, of course, is that kid.

We learned pretty fast that if we go out of town, maybe about 30 minutes, we better grab a plastic bag of some sort because Julian will throw up. Everywhere.

For a while, this happened without warning. He just couldn’t tell us. He figured out what we called “the bat signal” of telling us his stomach hurt so that we had about a minute to pull over. To this day, we keep bags in our cars. Both of our moms do because they appreciate the interiors of their cars.

That is one extra- special accessory that we have in our car. What’s in yours? Besides that, we have the following in my car:

  • blankets
  • jumper cables
  • spare tire (Mercedes was nice enough to throw in a set of gloves)
  • flashlight
  • emergency change (about $4)
  • snacks

I feel like I should probably have more, but I’m the mom of preteens and a teenager. They don’t require a baby bag anymore. Thank goodness. I was beyond relieved to get rid of those bags.

I have a little less than three years before Cameron gets his license (eek) so at some point, I will put together a bag for him to have in his car, which is currently mine.

Why Bother With a Kit?

This is a common sense thing. Most drivers have something in their cars just in case something happens. What if something happens to your car? There are some things that you need to have, kids or no kids.

  • Jumper cables
  • Kitty litter (in case of being stuck)
  • First aid kit
  • snacks/water
  • blankets

This is just a small list. It does pay off to be prepared. It’s scary to not be. It also helps to have roadside assistance, whether with your car insurance or separately. This can take away some of the anxiety of having a car issue. Car issues are no fun as it is, but being uncertain of when help is coming can make things worse. Add kids and things can get really tense.

Do you have supplies in your car for emergencies? What supplies do you have? Share in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “The Family Car: What’s In There?

  1. ashleyleia says:

    I have jumper cables, which I’ve never needed for my own car but have used for other people’s cars, and a spare tire. I’ve had a couple of flats in the last few years and it made me feel very grown up to change the tire myself. It’s funny how I’m just about 40 and I still sometimes get that wow I’m a grown up feeling.

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  2. diynige says:

    I have very little in my car I hate clutter but my wife’s car totally different story haha! Thanks for linking to #Thatfridaylinky hope to see you next week

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