Book Review: “My Bipolar Mind: You Are Not Alone”

This month’s book review is on a book that I was sent by a follower. Samantha emailed me her book in December after I accepted my job and already picked out January’s book.

I am delighted that she approached me with her writing and I enjoyed it. If anyone else wants to do the same, please send me an email. It may take a while to read and review, but I am open to it. My reading list is pretty much never-ending.

**Trigger Warning: This review does discuss abuse, mental illness, and alcohol. Please read with caution.**

Samantha’s book, “My Bipolar Mind: You Are Not Alone” reads like a very intimate diary. She starts with a background of her not-so-easy childhood. This is not an easy part to read, but it may help you understand who Samantha is.

She chronicles her manic and depressive episodes in her writing and what she needs to do to improve herself. She also suffers from panic attacks. Some of those ideas include calling someone in AA, making a gratitude list and other things.

This shows that Samantha wants to improve but yet is stuck. She doesn’t have a lot of support. Her family and longtime boyfriend are less than supportive.

Writing is Samantha’s main coping skill. It is also mine. There is something about being able to get your feelings out on paper or a computer screen and know that you will feel better. Even if it isn’t a diary, it takes your mind off your troubles for a while. She begins ghostwriting and questions her talent (“I just don’t see it in myself due to my ultra-low self-esteem”).

Samantha is honest and relatable. How does her story end? Do things work out with the boyfriend? Read her book.

Samantha’s book can be found at this link: My Bipolar Mind

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