A Better Version of You

Self-improvement has become an important topic in the last few years. Many of us are taking a deeper look at ourselves and what we can do to lead better and happier lives. We are realizing that our emotional wellbeing is incredibly important to the rest of our lives.

How can we improve our lives and become a better, potentially, the best version of ourselves?

Think big. Think of where you are now and where you want to be.


Stepping Stones to A Happier You

  1. Decide to truly love yourself. For some, this can be a difficult step. It is important, however, to conquer this step before the others. You can find ideas on how to love yourself more in Thoughts on Self-Love and 5 Ways to Conquer Self-Kindness . Loving yourself can be an inspiration to push yourself further than you have in the past. You are able to believe in yourself a lot more, and even when you fail, you forgive yourself a bit easier. Loving yourself can help with happiness and satisfaction. Also, love yourself for who you are. There isn’t another person who is exactly like you and that is the cool thing about being an individual. Don’t let your bright light burn out by trying to be like someone else. Let those quirks out and others will appreciate them.
  2. Allow yourself to heal through forgiveness. Learning to forgive yourself can be a long, sometimes not-so-easy process, but it can be done. It also may require the help of a therapist and this is okay. Having an extra set of ears to help process your thoughts can be a good way to process and move forward. Either way, you will definitely thank yourself later. The freedom of forgiving yourself will allow you to potentially forgive others for things they have done to you. It also lifts what can be a heavy burden.
  3. Say goodbye to your inner critic. My inner critic sits inside my brain and even with two years of therapy behind me, she is still there. I have a hard time making her go away sometimes. On the bad days, it’s all I hear. This is where learning to be kind to yourself kicks in. Remind yourself of your strengths, not your weaknesses. Remind yourself of how far you have come in changing your life and thoughts, that you are moving into a better, brighter area of your life.
  4. Take care of your body. This step can be a fun one- find something healthy and new to do. I enjoy yoga, even though my body may not always enjoy it later. (My hips really do not like the pigeon pose, even with modifications. I struggle a lot with the airplane pose because my balance is awful, but it’s fun trying.) It’s my hour and a half a week in which nobody bothers me plus there’s a 12 Step meeting involved. Some prefer hiking, running, baking, whatever works. Everyone is good at something- you may have a talent that you aren’t aware of. This also can include making a precise plan for more/better sleep, eating better, or all of the above.
  5. Create a life that you want to wake up for. I’ve honestly struggled with this one. I have no idea where I am going, career-wise, because I do not know what kind of job would make me happy. I’m no longer able to physically perform the job I loved in the past. I do love my blog, so I’m working on sponsored posts again. I’m also back at work on my e-books, and at some point, before the kids are out of school, I want to have them up on Amazon and Smashwords. These goals help me get out of bed on those really bad mornings. I’m sober, so that is something else to get out of bed for because drinking creates a rough life. My kids have always been my biggest reason to get out of bed, even when I just wanted to stay in bed and let the world go on without me. What inspires you? What makes you happy? What would you want to add to or take out of your life to make it easier? These are the things you want to think about when creating the life you want to wake up for.

This information can be found at MindBodyGreen


Being Kind Can Take You Far

There are stories every day about shootings and other types of violence. Like most others, it greatly disturbs me. What happens if people decided to be kinder for a day or two? This could definitely help make us all better people. We don’t have to go on an all-out mission to be kind.

Something as small as holding a door open for someone that is struggling with a load of things in their arms, buying coffee for the person behind or in front of you, or a similar act can make someone’s day. We don’t know what another person is going through and this can change how they see the world around them. It can also help us- being kind to others does make us a bit happier.

Do you have any ideas to add to this list? Have you decided to become a better version of yourself? Please let me know in the comments.

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  1. blackgirlcreates says:

    I really enjoyed this post a lot. I recently just made a huge change in my life, as I discussed in my blogs, going vegan. I did this to change my lifestyle and health. I have been able to love myself more and make better decisions. This blog post had me really think about how grateful I am that I made that first step, which is the hardest, on improving on myself.

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