A Morning Walk for Autism

Every June, a local autism based organization, FEAT (Families for Effective Autism Treatment) holds a 5k run/1-mile walk.

The registration fee raises money for classes and other things to help kids with autism around the city. There are booths at the walk from nearby businesses and first responders show up. They talk to kids and parents about safety tips.

You can guess which option I choose, right? I don’t run. I’ve never been a runner but I have friends who are very passionate about it and I am thrilled for them.

I’m a big girl on top (sports bras are not fun to buy) and not with these joints. I wouldn’t make it to the bottom of my driveway, much less just over three miles.

80’s Music and Water

I require lots of water and music to walk and this one had both. I love 80’s music and I even turned off the very interesting podcast I was listening to so I could hear it.

I got there a bit early because the parking gets packed about an hour before the walk starts. I didn’t want to get stuck way in the back like I did last year. Julian and I got stuck walking for almost twenty minutes trying to find my car and neither of us was happy. This year I got lucky and found a great spot.

The walk offers shuttles from the parking lot to the starting point because it is a bit of a walk. I guess it’s so you don’t tire yourself out before the walk starts? I took one there and back.

Mom’s Solitary Walk

Julian decided he didn’t want to walk this year. He was sleeping when I left but was awake when I got home.

I lined up with hundreds of other people and completed the walk in less than 20 minutes. While I walked, I listened to Lizzo and other artists. I didn’t mind the time to myself.

Mom needs time to herself, especially with the school about to be over.

I stopped to look at a couple of booths before leaving the walk.

Finish line pic

I made it to the finish line!

Teal ribbon

My pretty ribbon

Every walker got a ribbon, and they give the kids toys along the way. I went home, took Lily to a birthday party and lay down for a while. I had to recharge.

A Small Reflection

I’ve done this walk off and on since 2013. I have walked as part of a team for the hospital I used to work for, then with a friend who also has a son with autism (his brother had baseball championships so they missed it this year) and with my family.

Matthew and the kids decided not to walk any more after the year Lily gave out at mile two and we had to carry her to the end. Last year, it was just Julian and I. He had more fun than he wanted to confess to.

I have a deep passion for those with autism, especially kids. They’re great to work with- just be ready for an adventure.

Do you participate in any walks or other awareness activities?

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    Wow, this sounds good! A charity you support is a good excuse to get some exercise. I don’t run either, but I ould love to walk for charity. Hopping over from Love That Max.

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