Another School Year Ends: Good, Bad and Graduations

Every school year so far has been interesting with my kids. One school year ended with Cameron in the hospital with a heart condition. Julian was diagnosed during his kindergarten year in 2011 (you can read Looking At the Bright Side for that story). Lily had difficulties learning to read but tackled it in the first grade.

The Big Moves

This year was a big one, however. Cameron graduated middle school and is now a high school freshman. This one hurts my soul a bit- I have no idea where the last almost 15 years have gone. He will be 15 in January and I didn’t think the time would fly so quickly!

In our district, your child has the option to choose middle and high schools based on programs they have- Cameron chose two high schools that had machine tool, medical tech, and auto collision programs.

The high school he got into is the one that Matthew and I met at in 1998. He chose the program with machine tool, CAD (Computer Aided Design) and another component. His elective is Spanish I because, as he put it, “It’s easy and I already know some anyway.”

Some of his friends from middle school are bilingual and he picked up some Spanish from them. He didn’t really like the other choices, so he went with something he was familiar with.

Off to high school he goes in August, and I might shed a tear. I’m still shocked I didn’t cry at his graduation.

Lily is out of elementary school. She’s the last one, so it was time to say goodbye to the school that we loved for nine years- starting with Cameron in 2010. Our kids went to a wonderful elementary school. I even loved the office staff! I did tear up during her graduation ceremony and watching her as a song leader during the class song.

The school does a “final walk” on the last day of school for the fifth graders, where they walk through the main hallway for the last time, while playing cheerful music and everyone claps and cheers. I took pics and almost cried…again.

Matthew, my mom and I missed the breakfast because we had to walk across the parking lot for Cameron’s graduation. (The elementary and middle schools that our kids attended share an entrance, but have different parking lots. Parking is awful during events.)

Wait…You’re Missing a Kid!

Nope. Julian didn’t have a huge ceremony for finishing seventh grade, but he wasn’t forgotten.

I had a last-minute check in with his counselor.

Julian was re-evaluated at the end of the year to see if he will need services for next year, and of course, he qualified. He has severe anxiety while speaking in front of others and this became a major issue this year.

I asked for modifications next year so that he will be able to do what he needs to but not affect him so badly. He will be able to complete these assignments in a different way, meaning he can go in a different room or a hallway to do presentations so that he isn’t so anxious. He will be able to effectively complete the assignment.

His counselor told me that he remains quiet and kind of “flies under the radar”. He’s always been quiet, so this is not surprising at all. We will be working on self-advocacy because that is something Julian needs to work on for the future.

I was a bit angry with Julian because we both thought that he had failed his math class and I know he can do a lot better. Turns out that he didn’t and has a B. Both of us were very happy to hear this.

Waiting for Next School Year

It appears as if we now have sixth, eighth, and ninth graders. These kids are growing faster than I can blink. I’m pretty sure Cameron will continue to need those naps after school. Lily has gone back and forth on being excited about middle school, but I think once she finds her friends from elementary school and a club or two to join, she will be okay. Julian will find eighth grade a challenge, but he needs one.

Me? It’s summer break and I intend to have all the fun I can have with these kids in the next couple of months.

What are your plans for the summer? How was the end of your kids’ school year?