A Small Reminder

Pink and blue

Everyone has bad days.

This is okay. Adulting is rough. Feelings are big and events occur that challenge our capabilities to deal with them.

It’s also difficult to live life like you’re putting on a show for everyone around you- every day isn’t sunshine and rainbows.

When you continuously put on that show, it feels like you don’t have the ability to have a bad day. You can’t show emotions and that isn’t good.

I try to stay positive as much as I can but some days suck. That’s pure honesty. Maybe I’m having a bad pain day, overwhelmed, or something else.

I don’t sit in the sadness for long. This can be difficult, but I try anyway. I know that it’s okay to be sad, but I don’t like sitting in it.

It’s okay to not be okay. Take care of yourself and feel all the feels.