Views from Inside

Everyone knows there’s a pandemic going around. It’s everywhere- news, internet memes, etc.

I’m not sick. Neither are the kids or Matthew.

This is good.

Quite a few people have not been so lucky.

The Kentucky Perspective

Kentucky hit the governor lottery when Andy Beshear got elected. He hasn’t been in office a full year, but here he is smashing the handling of a global pandemic like a rock star.

He let the state know that he was not here for people not taking this seriously. There’s a daily update on the news at 5 p.m., including weekends. I’m either at work (more on that later) or starting dinner so I am kinda able to watch most nights.

There is a group solely based on Beshear memes on Facebook, which I am in and love. The memes are fantastic.

School is closed for the rest of the year. This was decided yesterday but nobody is surprised. I probably wouldn’t send the kids if they did go back because I am considered higher risk.

Thanks a lot, rheumatoid arthritis.

The state is pretty much closed. Courts, non-essential stores, daycares, all of that. It’s a weird time to live in, for sure.

A New Man to Meet

My best friend, Ashley, had her first baby on 4/8/20. I am so happy for her, but was also sad that I couldn’t be there as planned. She and her husband, Patrick, kept me updated. She sends pictures everyday. Trenton is adorable.

I need the social distancing thing to be over… I have a tiny baby to meet.

Mom’s Side of the Story

I’m working part-time at a sober living house in Indiana. I’m a behavioral health technician. It’s super easy and I really like it. Plus, it pays great.

Clearly, if I’m not working I’m at home with the kids.

The school system that my kids attend is the largest in the state. There’s around 101,000 kids enrolled. They didn’t do much for two weeks while the website was created and work was developed. They will be doing non-traditional instruction until the end of May.

It’s been an adventure, to say the least.

Lily was devastated to find out that they will not be going back to school. She cried because she misses her friends and teachers. I gave her a hug and let her talk.

Julian and Cameron aren’t really upset. Julian will be finishing the 8th grade without a ceremony – his school is mailing him a t-shirt and his certificate.

As he put it, “I can’t miss what I’m not there to do.”

My deep thinker.

Cameron wanted to complete his time in machine tool class, but he can make the time up next year. He’s pretty thrilled about not having to get up early.

A Bit Scattered

It’s been a bit of a change to be at home all the time. I’ve been coloring and doing crafty things. I’ve also watched a lot of Hulu and Netflix shows, like many others.

The kids read, draw, play uno, and lots of video games for the boys. They also watch a lot of tik tok videos.

We also talk more and have gotten things cleaned and organized around the house.

Julian, Lily and I have done appointments via telehealth. That’s gone pretty well.

We’re trying to make the best of the situation.

How are you handling life during a pandemic??