Silly Saturday

I never thought I would be chronically ill. Most people with chronic illnesses see it coming.

I’ve discussed my issues with migraines and RA in previous posts:

RA and Me

RA and Me Part Two

Invisible Changes

I choose to try to stay as positive as I can. I can’t get rid of either illness, so I figure I might as well learn to live with them. I’ve discovered ways to make life easier when one or both make my days harder.

I don’t like asking my kids to help but sometimes, it’s just not possible for me to clean everything (or anything) or finish the laundry.

They’re old enough to help out and honestly, it has probably taught them a bit about responsibility. I wish they’d learned this differently but there’s no way of changing the past.

I’m still fabulous, even on the bad days. I have a great sense of humor, I’m a good mom, wife, friend and person. I give great fashion tips.

These are the things that matter.

Silly Saturday

F bomb

I curse.

I curse a LOT.

My kids have heard me curse since before they knew what the words meant.

The boys found a shirt with this phrase on it once while shopping with my MIL and thought it was great. She didn’t see the humor, but then, she and I are far from besties.

My kids know they aren’t supposed to curse and if it is included in something they’re telling me about, they’ll ask first.

Not everyone thinks my cursing is a good thing- it took my FIL a while to adjust to, because he’s a very traditional type of man. Matthew gets irritated with it, and I’ve attempted to scale back. It just hasn’t been successful as of yet.

Everyone else knows it’s inevitable and the f-bombs are coming. I’m likely to say many things- curse words are just a few of them.

Silly Saturday

If you’re a regular reader, then you have seen pictures of my cats, Tails and Miss Purr.

Miss Purr is a serious cuddler! If she could lay in bed with me all day, she likely would besides getting a bit to eat and drink. She will lay on my shoulder, knead, make a circle on me and do it all over.

She purrs very loudly, which is why Cameron named her Miss Purr. I wanted to name her Sweetie, because of her nature, but was outvoted in about three minutes.

Tails? He would never sit on someone’s head, much less cuddle all day. He’s a bit picky on who he likes. If he doesn’t like you, this is well known in a few minutes because he will hiss, scratch or maybe nip you.

He’s adorable but can be a jerk.

But he’s our jerk.


Miss Purr not allowing me to make the bed

Tan cat

Tails missing Julian, his favorite human

Cats are known for sitting on us and in weird places. They will sit just about anywhere they can squish themselves into!

If you have a cat, are they cuddly? Do they sit on you often?

My Blog is in the Terrible Twos

Happy Second Birthday, ShortstackBlogs!!

Two years ago today, I launched this blog.

If you’ve read any of my posts or supported me in any way, thanks!

Quite The Adventure

I’ve written a lot with a few breaks- putting down our dog, Tiger, RA flares, a trip to Kansas and of course, the joys of a medication allergy that took me out for a week.

My views are up- almost 7,400 so far this year. Not bad! Feel free to share any of my posts with a friend.

I’m currently working on blog post ideas for the next few months, which is one of my favorite parts of running the blog.

I still have plans to release an autism-related e-book. It’s been sitting for a while as a handwritten draft due to my kids being on summer break. As of this post, there are 12 days before school starts, so when they go back, I will finish it.

I also plan to redo the mental health e-book. I want to put it on a different platform.

Better Things Are Ahead

I try to stay positive as much as possible but not to an unrealistic point.

I’m still working with Savannah at The Modern Mr. and Mrs. and am looking at other places to expand my writing. This isn’t always easy but the challenge probably makes me a better writer.

I’m looking at tips on how to be a better writer. I think there’s always room for improvement so I like to look at my not-so-great areas and see what I can do to change them.

I’m not here to totally bash myself! I have done some pretty cool things over the past two years with this blog:

  • Collabs with other bloggers
  • Built great Facebook and Instagram pages
  • Covered some interesting topics
  • Spoken out about my own issues

Just to name a few. I’m not sure where the next year will take this blog, or me, but I’m hoping it’ll be great!

Teens and Privacy: Where Do You Draw The Line?

The Challenges of Social Media

Teens are a challenge and a half. I’m just wandering into the pool of those challenges- most of them weren’t even on my radar until recently.

Everyone needs privacy. We need our space from others, physically and emotionally. We need our own space to grow and express thoughts. Teens need this for many reasons, one of the biggest reasons being that they are trying to figure themselves out. Remember how hard that was? Yikes.

Resist the urge to hover- this may lead to your child hiding things from you and/or lying. This can lead to worse things that you anticipated.

What Our Parents Didn’t Worry About

In the age of technology, privacy can get a bit worrisome. Parents have a lot more to worry about now than our parents did. We have to worry about Instagram and other social site pictures being too revealing and suggestive.

We have to worry about our kids being bullied because that ends tragically far too often. We worry about our kids being targeted while they play video games. These are just a few things that our parents never had to think about.

Black and white computer pic

Talking to Your Children

Opening up a conversation about privacy can be a bit awkward. It’s hard to start the conversation without being weird- you may have to look for an opening.

Do you already have an open relationship with your child? If you do, this may be a bit easier. If not, you may have to do a little more work to ease into it.

Go to my Freebie Page and find some helpful tips for talking to your kids. They require careful steps but in the end, everyone will be glad for the talk. The teenage years can get pretty awkward and a bit scary. Kids need to know they can talk to their parents about anything, including things that go on in the electronic world.

What if my child won’t talk or let me see what I ask for?

This is a rough one. Some kids aren’t talkers. I’ve got a couple. I’m not saying just let the quieter kids be- because they still need to know the importance of opening up and respecting this request. Losing their privilege can be a huge incentive to give you the information you want.

Assure your child that they can come to you if they are scared. That may be all they need.

There are some great apps for keeping an eye on what your kids do online- I use Net Nanny and it is super simple. It’s free and sends me a weekly summary of anything blocked or warned due to something the kids shouldn’t have looked up or sites they don’t need to be on. They also know about this and that they will lose all privileges if I get anything from this page.

As of this post, nothing has ever popped up in the whole time I have had this installed. We share a YouTube account and I can see everything they look up on Google. Some parents I know require their kids to charge devices together in one room after a certain time, access to devices (including phones) at any time they request it, or a little bit of both.

As of now, one of my kids has a phone, and it’s highly monitored. The tablets haven’t been much of a challenge so far.

I’m not a fan of breaking and entering into your child’s room. I don’t recommend this at all, except in one condition. That condition is if you are certain your child is in imminent danger and/or there is illegal activity involved. By all means, break down the door and go for it. This also applies for self-harm and other mental health reasons.

I’m hoping that I never have to sneak in my kids’ room and go through their things. I hope we are able to talk through things and come to a solution first.

What are your thoughts?