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I’m going big or going home..oh..wait. I am home…for the most part.

Anything sold from the links on this page may result in a commission for me. I’ve got bills and a makeup/book collection to take care of. ๐Ÿ™‚

My official affiliate policy:

– if it doesn’t benefit my readers, I won’t promote it.

– I try to keep things as easy as possible, as in use friendly sites, customer service and so on.

– I decided to become an affiliate to help bring in some money to offset the eventual costs of going self-hosted and other needed materials for the blog. Money helps, you know?

– If you click on a link and purchase something there is no extra cost to you for my commission. Pretty cool, right?

– My links are from Share A Sale and the sites I pick have some sort of connection to my blog and/or its mission.

– If there are issues with anything you buy from the sites, please contact them. I can’t guarantee what happens once you purchase.

– As usual, please don’t copy any of this. It took a while to create this statement and I really don’t like my work being copied. Thanks!

My product reviews will also be posted here. Book reviews will stay on the main blog page.

Thanks a ton!

Affiliate Links:

I do recieve a commission from any purchases. Thanks! Please see my Contact/Legal Things page for more information.

Anxiety E-book (as seen in 4/23 review)

Limitless E-Books (Lots and LOTS of books, many topics to choose from)

Customon (t- shirts- the autism related ones are great!)

Create for Less (art supplies)

Product Reviews:

Real Time Pain Relief: Hemp Oil Plus