Song Lyric Saturday with Michelle Branch

Michelle Branch was big for a while on her own, went country for a while with The Wreckers and disappeared. I was disappointed- I loved her music. I even liked the music she made with The Wreckers. She’s now on her second marriage and just had a second baby, a boy. Congrats to Michelle and her husband. (She has a daughter, Owen, from her first marriage.)

This was another hard choice for me, but I chose “All You Wanted”. It was one of her first singles and I loved the video. Michelle has a great voice, and I would love to see her make a comeback. I know that would be difficult these days- once you leave the music scene, that’s pretty much it.

“If you want to

I can save you

I can take you away from here

So lonely inside

So busy out there

All you wanted was somebody who cared”

This song stayed on repeat once I bought the CD (yes, the CD, this was the time before downloads became huge). I thought that trying to save someone was a romantic thing because it is something you just do. I don’t think that anymore- because you can’t save everyone that you come across.

I learned this professionally- as an addiction counselor, I worked with opiate addicts. I lost a few on my caseload due to overdose, other medical issues and one in a car wreck. The overdoses were much harder to deal with- but my supervisor (a complete saint, if you ask me) told me more than once, “Wrae, you can’t save them all. You did the best you could to help.” Looking back, Mark was absolutely right. Many doctors, nurses and other medical professionals probably feel the same in some situations.

In a personal sense, sometimes people, myself, included, bury the things that hurt the most. I have to work on this and remind myself to reach out if I need to talk, or if someone has hurt me, to let them know. Everyone wants someone who cares and deserves just that.

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After Thanksgiving Goodies

This is a good month- I love Thanksgiving. I am so happy to see Demi Lovato, one of my sobriety role models, out of rehab. Enjoy the posts and leftovers!

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Song Lyric Saturday with Britney Spears

Song Lyric Saturday with Whitney Houston

This week’s pick is a classic- Whitney Houston.

She played Savannah in one of my favorite movies- “Waiting to Exhale”. If you haven’t seen the movie and/or read the book, I highly recommend both. (Angela Bassett plays Bernadine, her bestie and does some serious damage to her soon-to-be ex-hubby’s clothes.. but I’ll stop there. It’s funny but not funny.) This movie is great. It’s funny, sad, and shows the joys of friendship.

After she died, the plans for the sequel “Getting To Happy” were pretty much scrapped because quite honestly, who could play Savannah? There is a book for that, too, and yes, read it. Terry McMillan is one of the best black authors out there.

Whitney Houston

Before she started acting, Whitney sang her heart out. Who didn’t listen to her music growing up in the ’90s? I loved “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”. I couldn’t pick a lyric for this one- it’s just a fun song and I loved dancing to it as a kid.

I remember dancing around my room and singing to it. My older sister made fun of me but I didn’t really care. She was so young and pretty and had awesome clothes. (Can you see a pattern with me loving people’s clothes?)

Sadly, Whitney had some issues with her personal life. Most of us know about her marriage to Bobby Brown and substance issues. She died of a reported drug overdose and her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, died not long after. I was so heartbroken, along with millions, to hear of both deaths. Her music lives on, however, as her legacy. It’s just a shame that her life went so badly for the last few years.

Do you have any favorites? Leave your favorites in the comments. 

Song Lyric Saturday with Fiona Apple

**Trigger Warning: sexual assault is briefly mentioned in this post.**

I saw Fiona Apple live years ago with my best friends, Ashley and Tyson. I’d share pictures, but I don’t think they are exactly blog-appropriate. I’ll leave it at that it was a very fun night and as usual, we had a few adventures that still make us laugh hysterically. We have been friends for many years (Tyson and I have known each other since elementary school) so this just adds to the comedy.

Fiona came onto the music scene in the late 1990s with her first album and many were like “Whoa, what is that?” I was one of many who thought that way. She has a low-pitched voice that makes you want to hear more, and I definitely wanted more. Tyson plays the piano very well, and he was wide-eyed at the concert. Ashley loved both aspects, so we were delighted at the concert.

Fiona Apple

I chose “Criminal” after some serious debate.

“I gotta cleanse myself of all these lies until I’m good enough for him”

That is some realness. Fiona was sexually assaulted at 12, and I can’t imagine the pain that causes, emotionally and physically. I’ve read that her music was an outlet for her afterward. Sometimes you feel so wretched, so dirty after something that awful, you have to clean yourself inside and out until you feel okay for someone to like or love you.

I can’t really speak for Fiona, but that’s the way I interpret it. In my own case, I had to confess everything that I did with Jake to Matthew and that was one of the worst conversations I’ve ever had. Tears were everywhere and it was awful. It took a long time before I could feel like I was good enough for him again. As my former therapist said, I’m still a good person- I did something that wasn’t good.

I’ve been able to make up for this in every way that I can- I would never cheat again.

Song Lyric Saturday with Blondie

I’m going back to the 80s this week with Blondie. I loved the 80s. I wore jelly sandals and other weird clothes. My kids think I’m a dinosaur.

I was born in late 1982, and I’ve often said I was born too late to really appreciate some of the best music of the decade- including this band. I loved Debbie Harry’s voice, hair, and clothes as a kid. I didn’t get the meaning behind the music because I was too young, of course, but who cared?

Debbie Harry- Blondie

“Once I had a love and it was a gas

Soon turned out had a heart of glass”

She wasn’t playing, not one bit. Basically, Debbie was saying she was not happy with being played with. She didn’t want to be pushed aside. She didn’t trust whoever she was singing about. This seems to be a common theme in music throughout the decades- what do you think?

Fake people aren’t cool, by the way, and I think that was part of her point. This could be a good message for today. #lovelessonfortheweek

Blondie was a great band if you’re in the mood for 80s music. I also recommend “Rapture”, mainly for Debbie’s rapping at the end. It’s fantastic.