Guest Posts/Work With Me

Hi! This page is for anyone interested in working with me. I am open for guest posts as of April 16, 2021. 

If you are interested in guest posting with me, please send an email to or complete

These are the topics I am opening to guest posting/collaborating about:

-parenting, especially about special needs parenting.

-mental health. I have a BA in Clinical Psychology and have a decade’s worth of experience in the mental health field. Please be specific as you can when requesting work in this area. I also have experience with substance abuse, personally and professionally.

-self-care and confidence.

-addiction, including my own journey. There are limits to that, but I’ll gladly discuss them.

My main requests are- no political posts, no shaming of any kind, and I don’t have a length requirement. Just don’t write a novel!

I’m pretty open when it comes to my guest posts. If I need to edit anything, I will email you. Please send any pics and social media information that you want to be included in the post, and feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns.

I cannot accept guest posts in a link. I’ve tried posting before from links, and it doesn’t end well. Please send all posts as a Google Doc or Word Document. Pictures in any form are fine.

I usually give a deadline for the week of your post for scheduling. If I haven’t gotten your post within 5 days of your scheduled post, I’ll email or otherwise contact you. At this point, I will write a backup post.

If I receive the post ON or AFTER the date of your post, it will not go up. I will use my backup post. If you want to talk about a reschedule, I’m open, but know that my time is valuable and I may not grant that second chance. If we have discussed scheduling issues, then we’re good. I have other responsibilities besides this blog and have to plan around that.

This is a result of previous guest posters not being respectful of my time and I’m not here for that. If you’ve got issues or questions, please fill out the contact form, email or send a PM on Facebook.

*rubs pressure points on ears like Martin Lawrence in “Bad Boys 2″*

If you’ve read all that, then thanks a ton and LET’S DO THIS!! 😄😄

Thanks for working with me!


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