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Hi! I’m Wrae Sanders,mom, wife, friend, writer and a lot more. I’m located in Louisville, KY.

I began blogging as part of a different project and started guest posting for others. I realized that blogging was taking a life of its own, so I started a blog in 2017. I ended the blog in 2021 but the posts are still available.

From 7/15/21 forward, I will post strictly essays, short stories and book reviews. I also may post a preview into my first novel.

My Social Media Info:

Facebook: WraeMeredithBlogs

Instagram: shortstackblogs

TikTok: momisfunnyaf

Email: wraemsanders@gmail.com

I’m available for questions- I will get back to you within 48 hours. You can also send a message on my Facebook page, or email.

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