About Me

Hi! I’m Wrae Sanders, blogger, mom, wife, friend and a lot more. I’m in Louisville, KY.

I began blogging as part of a different project and started guest posting for others. I realized that blogging was taking a life of its own, so here I am!

The main mission behind this blog:

To spread awareness about mental health. I’ve worked in the field for a decade and have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology. (Thanks, Spalding University!) I graduated in 2007. Some of my knowledge leaks into my posts. I struggle with anxiety and depression on a daily basis.

I have friends and family that have struggles, and have lost an uncle and friends to suicide. I have no attempts but my dad is an attempt survivor, as are two of my childhood friends. One loss changed me and my life forever in 2015. Jake was one of the most important people in my life, and losing him was terrible. This blog is meant to help others, which I enjoy doing.

Parenting is the hardest but best thing I will ever do with my life. That’s why it is a major part of this blog.

When I am not blogging, I am probably reading, coloring in adult coloring books, listening to a true crime podcast, or hanging out with my kids and animals.

I’ve loved to write since I was a kid, so this is really great for me. I have a monthly contributor spot on “A Thousand Epiphanies” and I am SO excited about that. I didn’t even think my writing was that great until I started getting feedback from the people I was guest posting for.

My blog will cover these topics, but may change as the blog grows:

-being sober (my date is 1/1/2017)

-parenting (some of this will be special needs parenting)

-mental health issues (anxiety, depression, suicide prevention, etc. I will include trigger warnings and resources)

-self-care, self-esteem and other awesome things in that area

-meditation and yoga

-other topics as they come

My social media info:

Facebook: WraeMeredithBlogs

Instagram: shortstackblogs

Email: wraemsanders@gmail.com

I also welcome guest bloggers and share my posts on others’ blogs. Just fill out the contact form after going to my Work with me/Guest Post page and I will get back to you within 48 hours. You can also send a message on my Facebook page, or email.

I created a media kit as of 1/28/18. The stats will be updated monthly. Please ask for it if you’re curious.

Thanks for reading!