This page is for resources that I have listed in various blog posts. Each resource has the website and a short description. This list will grow as needed. I also have affiliate links. I may recieve a commission if anything is bought from those links. Thanks!


This site is full of information on research on suicide prevention, awareness, how to talk to someone that may be suicidal, how to get involved with local events, etc. This is where you can sign up for your city/town’s Community or Campus Walk.

Psychology Today

I actually found my therapist on this site! There is a section in which you can look for a therapist, and it was super helpful for me. There are a lot of helpful articles to assist you in finding information for almost any topic you can think of in psychology.


This is a site for those who have mental health illnesses and/or that support them. There are articles to learn more about mental health and places you can go to get help if needed.


Depression and Bipolar Disorder are two very serious illnesses and need to be supported as much as possible. This site gives that support to those that have these illnesses and their families. There are some very interesting articles on this site.

Mayo Clinic- Migraines

If you’ve never had a migraine, great. I hope you never do. I have lived with them since 2013. They suck. This is a bit of an overview of what they are, symptoms and other facts. The link will lead you to the main page for the Mayo Clinic, just enter “migraines”

Women’s Health- PPD

This page contains information about Post Partum Depression.

PostPartum Progress

A website devoted to information about PPD.

Believe and Balance Self-Care Kit

This was first mentioned in a blog post on 2/7/18. Click here to purchase the kit.

Why African-Americans avoid Psychotherapy

Linked in my blog post dated 2/5/18. This is full of great info on a very important issue.

Three Reasons We Neglect Mental Health in the Black Community

Linked in my blog dated 2/5/18. This blog post discussed three major reasons that mental health is over looked in the black community.

Helping Each Other

A great article on helping others that are struggling.

American Psychiatric Association

A website with information about mental illnesses and ways to get help.

Autism Society

An informational site. You can find resources on autism, signs,symptoms and more.


A site for anyone who wants to know more about supporting someone they know and/or love with autism.


Information on ADHD for families

ADDitude Magazine

I read this from this site a LOT. This is a list of sites that can be helpful to anyone with a kid with ADHD in their lives.


This website is amazing! It has articles for almost every learning disability you can think of. There’s groups you can join for support, webinars and more.

American Stroke Association

This is a website for anyone who wants to know more about strokes. It’s full of information. #strokessuck

Stop Bullying

A very resourceful site with information on how to help you and your family become more informed about bullying.

Dr. Sears

This is a great site. It’s full of information that you can use to help with the interesting days of parenting.

Positive Parenting Solutions

Another great parenting site. I’ve used this site for most of the parenting posts that I needed to research.

LGBTQ Youth Hopkins Medicine

A resource for parents of LGBTQ kids- includes tips and other resources


Human Rights Commission website, lots of information on this site for many topics, including LGBTQ stats and other information.

We Have Kids

An informational site for parents, I used this on my post about leaving kids at home alone, dated 5/3/18.

SVT Information

This information is from the Mayo Clinic about SVT, the heart condition that Cameron has. He was most likely born with it. He was diagnosed in 2015.

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