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I will be putting up a statement for legal reasons about what I will not tolerate on this blog, but in general, I’m pretty laid back. For sheer example, this welcome post is today’s post.

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15 Thoughts While Reading “Valley of the Dolls”

I absolutely love “Valley of the Dolls”. It’s on my top ten list of favorite books.

I recently re-read it and had some thoughts about what I read.

  1. Anne loved Lyon way too damn hard. I am all for love through adversity and distance, but Anne pined for Lyon for FIFTEEN YEARS! There’s no way I am holding time and space in my heart for someone that long if they don’t seem to care.
  2. Jennifer made the right decision FOR HER about her baby.
  3. Lyon is a bit of a jerk. He just walked out of Anne’s life and never looked back.
  4. Neely is a lot to deal with. She wrecked hotel rooms, drugged herself into oblivion and almost killed herself. I was glad to see her get help.
  5. There is a reason that you can only get so much of an addictive medication. Addiction is a thing, but back when this book was written, it was acceptable to use many pills at once.
  6. Neely would not get away with any of the stuff she did now.
  7. Haven Manor definitely represents the time in which this book was written- 1940s-60s.
  8. Jennifer’s death is super sad.
  9. Anne could have just been honest with Kevin and things would have ended a lot better between them. Anne didn’t want to marry anyone but Lyon and she strung him along, if you ask me.
  10. Anne might have emasculated Lyon a bit but that’s no excuse for him to cheat on her.
  11. Mental illness is no joke.
  12. Lyon loved Anne but was terrible at showing it.
  13. Good for Anne finally having the baby she always wanted.
  14. Neely was not a good friend.
  15. Lyon was right to drop Neely from the agency like a bad habit.

I tried not to spoil the book but if you haven’t read it yet, you can get it here

Happy Reading!

Book Review: “The Four Winds”

Welcome back and thanks for joining me for another book review!

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My first short story, “Flight Into the Unknown” is for Sale

Title: “The Four Winds”

Author: Kristin Hannah

Plot: Elsa grows up in a cold, unloving (at least towards her) home. She meets Rafe and becomes pregnant. After her family discovers this, they leave her with Rafe’s family, who lovingly takes her in. During the Great Depression, things get hard on the Texas farm that their family lives on. Rafe leaves them behind by leaving in the middle of the night. Elsa is crushed but has to keep going. After her son becomes deathly ill from the dust around them, she decides to leave with her two children.

Elsa and her children, Loreda and Anthony (Ant) leave with what they can, but in the end, lose everything but the clothes on their backs. They live a life they never imagined they were capable of- migrant workers in California. They don’t make much and the kids barely make it to school. They do, however, stick together. They meet a man named Jack, who is dangerous but kind to them. Elsa finally finds the love she dreamed of but does she get a happy ending?

Favorite Character: Loreda, because she’s fiesty.

What I liked: details and being drawn into the story quickly.

What I didn’t like: The language was somewhat dry.

Quote: “Love is what remains”- multiple times in the story. Love is what you see at the end of your life, and when everything else is gone.

Who I recommend this for: Anyone who likes historical fiction.

What made it stand out: The length of the story. I don’t think it could be fully told if the novel was any shorter. I actually will be doing a 2 part review on TikTok.

Rating: 8/10

Source: physical book

Link: The Four Winds

To Listen or Not Listen?

Music has a way of getting into your feelings. When we are happy, we listen to upbeat music. If we are sad, we sometimes listen to sad music- I definitely do this. 

Taylor Swift is known all over the world for her songs- from shaking things off to heartbreak to celebrating deep love. Her music came into my life at a time that I didn’t have much hope in my own love life. 

I was in a bad time in my marriage in 2013, and somehow met and fell in love with a man that wasn’t my husband. I never planned for this to happen, but sometimes life leads you in a direction that doesn’t previously enter your mind. Taylor’s music helped me be happy, even if it was for a few short minutes.

Over the next two years, she released “Speak Now” and other albums. Of all her music, “Enchanted” spoke to me the most. I truly was enchanted to be with that man and to this day, the song is one of my favorites. “Wildest Dreams” was the last song that would be almost magical to me. 

In September 2015, this man died unexpectedly and my entire life was shattered. Upon hearing of his death and for weeks after, I would listen to Taylor’s music daily, usually while crying. It somehow helped me with the grieving process. The music took me back to the good times, even the bad and everything in the middle. 

At some point in the last year, Taylor has decided to re-record her albums. This was after her masters were bought from under her by Scooter Braun, the man who manages Justin Bieber. She wanted to have control over her music, and the only way to do so was to start all over. Admittedly, I have not listened to any of the new recordings.

I understand why she decided to re-record, but I cannot listen and re-visit those memories six years after his death. It may cause me to become depressed- something I already take medication for daily. In a way, I could be considered “triggered” by the new music. The old versions are good enough for me. 

It took a lot of thought and even a few rounds of “New Romantics” and “You Are in Love” to think this through. I feel content with my decision and hopefully Taylor gets what she wants and/or needs out of re-recording her music. I just can’t hit the rewind button on my life. 

Book Review: “Random Family”

This novel is on my top ten favorite books list. I have re-read it multiple times and I am still drawn into the story. If you choose to read this novel, let me know what you think in the comments or at wraemsanders@gmail.com.

Title: “Random Family”

Author: Adrian Nicole LeBlanc

Plot: LeBlanc blends together the stories of Jessica and Coco, along with their families and other characters living in the Bronx, New York City. Everyone has hardships and some even go to prison for what they end up doing. Teen girls become mothers of multiple children. Teen boys become drug dealers and even murderers. All of the characters have one thing in common: they want a better life.

Jessica starts the story off as a young Puerto Rican girl trying to make it day by day. That idea reflects throughout the story, which follows these families through the 1980s and 1990s.

What I liked: Everything! I love how LeBlanc puts everything together seamlessly, the characters are relatable and it’s just an interesting story. I can’t stop reading it each time. I also like how the author shifts to different POV and back. LeBlanc is so knowledgeable about her characters and legal terms.

What I didn’t like: Nothing.

Who I recommend this book for: Those who want a deep, fascinating read. This is perfect to read in a weekend.

What made this book stand out: The fact that it took LeBlanc a decade to finish writing this novel. That’s a lot of dedication.

Rating: 10/10

Source: physical book

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Random-Family-Drugs-Trouble-Coming/dp/0743254430/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=random+family&qid=1629658047&sr=8-1