Song Lyric Saturday with Beyonce

Beyonce is BAD. I’m not sure why it took me so long to cover her on Song Lyric Saturday. I love her.

She’s the first black woman to headline Coachella- she missed last year because she was pregnant with twins. When she came this year, she brought a step team, a huge band and her sister, who she accidentally dropped on stage. No biggie- I would have dropped either of mine. None of us are that coordinated.

Beyonce is a mom of three and still works all the time. (I did this for a decade…but not at her speed. It’s exhausting, so I imagine she has a ton of help.)

“Lemonade” was not my favorite album but it brought “Hold Up”, and I felt that song all the way to my soul. It should be considered a Beyonce classic. If Jake was alive to hear it, I would have made it required listening.

I think that says enough. She’s basically singing about trying to make someone see that the love that he is looking for is right there in front of him and that she’s about to start messing other women up cause she’s out of patience.

I feel that one. I listened to it once and then hit repeat four times.

An older favorite is “Video Phone”, a collaboration with Lady Gaga, who I love and discussed in Song Lyric Saturday with Lady Gaga

You ever meet someone and want to make sure they don’t forget you? Put your number in their phone. I’ll leave the video part up to you.

What’s your favorite Beyonce song?

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